NEVER Make Fun of Someone’s Passion


Out of all of my post so far, this one has to be the most important. So listen up! There are certain things in this world that literally make me sick to my stomach. The mistreatment of an individual who is just being themselves is one of them. The inspiration for this post comes from a good friend of mine who happens to be mentally handicapped. The most amazing, humorous and unconditionally loving kid you will ever meet. He has the mental capacity of about a 10 years younger then his actual age. What is he passionate about? Music. It is something that he connects with and gives him comfort. We talk on the phone at least once a day and the other day he told me something that absolutely broke me. He told…

April 12, 2016

How To Talk About Sports When You Know Nothing About Sports

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Find Someone Who Is Cheering For The Same Team As You Scope it out. Find someone wearing a jersey of the same team you are cheering for. Watch from afar. Cheer when they cheer, boo when they boo. If you are an extrovert like myself this is also a good time to make some new friends. If he yells out something, agree with his statement even though you probably have no idea what charging foul is and whether the 7 foot tall ginger is guilty or not. But hey! You made a new friend. Always Have A Beer In Hand A little bit of alcohol always does the trick when you are in a situation that you are a little unfamiliar with. For starters, it makes it more bearable to watch a bunch of oversized…

March 28, 2016

22 Life Lessons From a 22 Year Old


Yesterday was the day that I turned 22 years old, and for the first time in my life feeling old. I know that it may sound crazy but I feel like there is so much anticipation for your 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays. As the day progressed I really took the time to think about how much I have grown this past year and honestly surprised myself. Even though 22 just felt like another birthday, my last year leading up to my 22nd year was one for the books. I have compiled a list of 22 life lessons that I have learned on my 22 year journey and thought I would share. Don't give one-armed or half-assed hugs. Go all in and SQUEEZE! Embrace every little freckle, birth mark and scar on your body.…

March 22, 2016

Be Patient With Yourself

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  With my last little stretch of college ahead of me this past week has been really eye opening. I had a mini panic attack on Saturday because for the first time I truly felt like "Oh shit…. what the hell am I going to do with my life after college?" Don't get me wrong, it is an exciting time, but with that comes the fear of the unknown. It is the first time in my life where I don't really have a plan. Starting from a young age you always kind of know what the next step is. After elementary school you go to middle school. After middle school you go to high school. And so on and so forth. What I have come to focus my mind on is possibility. Daydreaming about where…

March 15, 2016

Spring Cleaning

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Spring is right around the corner (even though it is already 90 degrees in AZ…) and the majority of the time we associate this with spring cleaning! That time where you clear out all of your winter clothes from your closet, clean up the back yard, and if you are feeling ambitious… clean those baseboards! Here is were I am going to challenge you. Think of spring cleaning less externally and more internally. What negativity do you want to lift off your shoulders? What things in your life are weighing you down? Maybe even who in your life is weighing you down? Now I am not asking you to dwell on these things… Same thing goes for those baseboards, you can either sit there and look at how dirty they are, or be proactive…

March 3, 2016

Celebrate Every Tiny Victory


Someone asked me today why I am always happy… My answer? Simple. You always have to have a reason to celebrate. I am the epitome of an extrovert so any time I have a reason to celebrate I do! Brother got an A on his math test? Lets grab dinner! Co Worker is turning 25 and a half? Drink it up! Best friend wakes up after a long night of partying without a hangover? Lets do brunch! More then just this, you need to celebrate you victories yourself. Now this does not mean every A on a math test, half-birtday, or non-hangover you should go out a buy yourself a new pair of shoes… BUT! Celebrate internally. Build yourself up with positive encouragement because every small victory, in the long run, is a giant…

March 3, 2016



A little post-Valenties Day feels and my best friends birthday have really got my mind stirring about what a soulmate truly is. In standard terms, we think of a soulmate as the love of our lives. The love at first sight sernario. But what if thats not it, what if you come into contact with multiple soulmate in a life time. Not only a lover but a best friend. In my eyes a soulmate is an individual who's soul is instantly connected to yours. Someone who you truly cannot compare to anyone else you have ever met. It is that person who you can't quite explain why you are so attracted to them and it is someone who makes you feel the most. They are the most important person in your life that you…

March 1, 2016

Why Being Single Is Freaking Awesome


      This time of year rolls around and all of my fellow single peeps out there are rolling their eyes at this lovie-dovie-hearts-and-chocolate-Hallmark-holiday (me included). However, I have compiled a list of reasons why being single is freaking awesome! The whole bed is yours. So sleep diagonal and starfish that shit! Instead of spending money on Valentine’s Day, you can save it for the important things in life. Like lipstick and doughnuts. You know how it goes… Roses are red., violets are blue, vodka is cheeper then dinner for two. You don’t have to work your schedule around anyone! So take a spontaneous trip or lay around in your underwear all day and binge on Netflix (Making a Murder for those of you looking for a recommendation) You have all the time…

February 13, 2016

Mix It Up

I know that the majority of my last posts have been more about self motivation rather then actual styling tips and such. Still getting a feel for what you guys are liking me writing about so let me know what you prefer! Today we are back on the styling train with this shoot that I did with a friend of mine and photo genius Dillon! For those of you who have followed me for anytime now know that I love to push the boundaries when it comes to style. I love unique pieces and wearing things in a way that most would not think of. So today, we are taking this gorgeous, blush, beaded dress and grunge-ing it up, a whole lot. A vintage Aerosmith tee, black corduroy moto jacket, and my worn-to-hell-and-back Jeffreys.…

January 19, 2016

I’ll Be Your Daydream


There are certain things that I have been realizing this past week as a start up my last first day of school… ever. As college is all too quickly coming to an end, I am realizing that for the first time in my life I have no clue what the next step will be. You grow up knowing that after middle school you go to high school. After high school you go to college. But after college you kinda realize, oh shit, what the hell is the next step? It is frightening but so exciting all at the same time. I have come truly understand that it is okay to be a little bit selfish at this time in my life. To really sit down and daydream about where I want my life to…

January 12, 2016

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