Lets Get Handsy

If you have been following my blog or social media for any time now, you would know that I am OBSESSIVE about my nails and jewelry. I have colloborated with a few amazing jewelry makers and hand-painted nail companies to bring you todays blog post. How to stack and style your rings. In my opinion, for an outfit to be complete you must have it going on from the tip if your head to the toes on your feet. I feel like women often forget to accesorize their hands, but oh boy does it make a huge difference!

Lets talk about these nails for a second.... THEY ARE AMAZING! I have always loved having long and unique nails, and these press on nails have been a life saver for me! Not only do they look FAB but you dont have to worry about commiting to long nails for the next month like you would with acrylic nails! They are perfect to make your night out look more pulled together.

IMG_9449 IMG_9442

Nails: Nail Gals Boutique (Instagram). Shark Tooth Ring: 10 Kiaat Street (Instagram). Dress: Shop Olive You

IMG_9441 IMG_9429

Nails: Lets Get Nailed (Instagram). Top: Brandy Melville

IMG_9428 IMG_9427

Nails: Let Them Sparkle (Use the code TENOFF to get 10% off your order!). Quartz Cluster Ring: Dvorak Design. Top: Shop Olive You

IMG_9413 IMG_9405

Nails: Gingerdead House. Top: Shop Olive You

Today I challenge you to gather a few different types of press on nail. Whether they be french, short, or trendy. Wear them tomorrow with you favorite stacked rings and see that a confidence boost it can be! Especially if you are not used to wearing them!



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I have always been hesitant to post bikini pictures on my blog, social media, etc. Just because I am clearly not a size 0 model. A girls got some boobs and a butt. HOWEVER, I thought through it and there I feel like a lot of girls could benefit from this post.

It has been a while since I have put on a standard bikini. I ALWAYS wear high waisted bottoms –because they look cute and I feel so comfortable in them! BUT, these bikinis from Trunkettes are LIFE CHANGER! I feel so comfortable in them! They fit beautifully for curvy women and makes sure that everything that should be covered, is covered. And for petite women, the ways these suits are carefully designed and constructed will give you some curves!

Here are a few ways that I have chosen to up-style my bikinis from Trunkettes, hope you enjoy!

8749 63 5beach5 2beach1 1beach4 beach2

To shop for Tunkettes Swimwear click HERE

You can also find them in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!



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She's A Dreamer

UrbanDream1_JAG UrbanDream2_JAG UrbanDream3_JAG UrbanDream4_JAG UrbanDream5_JAG UrbanDream6_JAG UrbanDream7_JAG UrbanDream8_JAG UrbanDream9_JAG UrbanDream10_JAG UrbanDream11_JAG

I recently styled a shoot for the amazingly talented Jonathan Galan who is not only an amazing photographer, but videographer as well! We worked together to create this dream shoot where we wanted a place that was decrepit and in an urban setting, allowing for the clothes be soft. Our beautiful model is Alex Taylor, current Miss Scottsdale, soon to compete for the Miss Arizona title later this summer!

Contact Jonathan at jonathanagalan@gmail.com

Pale Pink Maxi: Shop Olive You

Marron Body Con: Shop Olive You

Cream Lace Maxi: Handmade By Yours Truly



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You Are What You Drink #Starbucks

Todays post is something a bit different. I was brainstorming the other day on new ways to pull inspiration for outfits and I was thinking of things that I am obsessed with that do not really pertain to fashion at all. What did I come up with? Starbucks. The workers know my order and name by heart, and am there at least once a day... sometimes twice. ANYWAY, have you ever felt like what you wear has a direct connection to what you eat and drink? I never noticed until I was planning this post! Some girls say that they wear workout clothes everyday to make them eat healthy. Or if you go out to dinner in a For Love and Lemons set, you will probably be more likely to order a glass of wine. On the flip side, if you are wearing your old high school t-shirt and cutoffs, you would be more likely to get a Coke. So, here are a few outfits for Shop Olive You inspired by my FAVORITE Starbucks drinks!

Frist being something fun, when calories are not on your mind and you just want a yummy treat! A Raspberry Vanilla Bean Frappuccino... it looks AND tastes like cotton candy! Who doesn't want that?! Order it with skim milk and no whip to make it a bit healthier!

Frapp Bux (1 of 9) IMG_0067 Bux (3 of 9) Bux (4 of 9)

Top&Shorts: Shop Olive You, Necklaces: F21, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

This next drink is what I get when I need a serious wake-me-up. A Venti Americano with room for Skim Milk! Like your coffee sweet? Ask for a few pumps of sugar-free vanilla or carmel for extra sweetness!

Americaon IMG_0072 IMG_0078 IMG_0085 IMG_0070

Dress&Necklace: Shop Olive You, Shoes: F21 And last but not least is my go-to, everyday drink! A Venti Iced Green Tea Lemonade! You can get it sweetened too if you like it sweet! I sometimes ask for it in a Trenta cup just so that I can get get extra ice and make it EXTRA cold!

Greentea Bux (8 of 9) Bux (6 of 9) Bux-(7-of-9) IMG_0117

Top: Shop Olive You, Skirt:Nordstrom, Necklaces:F21

Todays challenge is to think of your go-to Starbucks drink and base your outfit off of it! Whether it is bohemian, minimalistic or bright! I Hope you found some yummy new drinks to try! ALSO make sure you download the Starbucks App if you want FREE DRINKS!



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Rain Rain Go Away

hipedro IMG_9838 IMG_9848 IMG_9851 IMG_9864 IMG_9852 IMG_9866 IMG_9885

Today was an usually rainy day in AZ and a crisp 55 degrees in the AM. So that mean I got one more chance to break out my warmer clothes before we all die in the 120 degree heat. I am not one who is a fan of the rain… at all for that matter. I actually hate it… and I am probably the only one in Arizona who thinks so. Everything floods, it smells like dirt and I just want to lay in bed, snuggle with my kitty, watch Parks and Recreations on Netflix and eat brownies. AKA be the most unproductive human being on the planet. Luckily for me, in AZ it rains in like 5 minute spurts. It rains for a second, then the sun in shining the next. However, the one thing that I do LOVE about the rain is the cool weather that it brings. When we have a rainy day here we are guaranteed another 2 days of great weather, that is what I love! What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

(Top: Thrifted, Bottoms: American Apparel, Shoes: F21, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: F21)
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Spring Break Makeup Bag

SpringBreakBeauty Since Spring Break is right around the corner, I thought that I would put together a collection of my favorite beauty products to bring with me to the beach! I know not everyone is the type to wear makeup at the beach, but these products are also super easy and effortless to slap on before you go into town for dinner!

1. The Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer is one of my fav light-weight BB creams with awesome coverage! Added bonus, it has SPF 20!

2. The Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer blends like a dream! With a natural, satin finish, it will give you the perfect bronzed look! TIP: Blend some on you collar bones and the front of your shins for an all over glow!

3. I go NO WHERE tropical with out my Bare Minerals Locked & Coated! It is a waterproof gel mascara that you can layer on top of ANY mascara so you don't end up with raccoon eyes after a game of water volleyball! ALSO, if you have fuller brows, brush through them with the Locked & Coated to lock them in place!

4. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is an awesome, multi-use product! Use it to conceal any blemishes, under dark eye circles, or to prime your eyelids! It will give you that little extra coverage to your BB cream without looking to done up!

5. There is nothing that I love more then a minimal, glowing complexion with a BOLD LIP! These 3 lip colors from Mac Cosmetics pack the ultimate PUNCH of color! Not into the lipstick? Try a brightly colored lip gloss for a sheer wash of color! (Morange, Heroin, Candy Yum Yum)

6. Lastly, are the new Nars Dual Intensity Blushes, the perfect 2 in 1 product with a GORGEOUS blush and highlight color! Pop these on your cheeks or use them as an eyeshadow to give you a glow-from within-look!



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