Leather Fringe

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When you look at my closet the first thing that you will notice (other then my shoe hoarding issue) is my love for texture. For me, it is something that can be so subtile but make a huge impact on your outfit. I have posted quite a few monochrome looks, and if you have been a long time reader of mine you would know that I love the chic-ness of an all black ensemble. Utilizing texture and patterns are a great way to break up an outfit and add that element of interest.

Today I have styled one of my new FAV tees from Shop Olive You and paired it with my new obsession, my LEATHER FRINGE SKIRT! I love the movement of the piece and how it interacts with the bandana print of the top. I cannot help but to shake my booty in this little number!

My challenge for you this week is find a texture that speaks to who you are. Weather it is a fringe piece like I have chosen to dance around in all day, or maybe an overly comfortable sweater to reflect your warm and loving nature!

(Top: Shop Olive You, Skirt: H&M, Hat: Forever 21, Shoes:Reflections)

XO, TaylorRae

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Come On In

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I get a lot of comments on various social media outlets asking what my closet, shoe racks, clothing rack, makeup set up, etc. looks like! Some may think it's creepy, but there is nothing that is more fun to me then being able to get a glimpse of what my favorite bloggers live like! I have teamed up with the lovely Marjani from MVH Photo to do a super fun life style shoot! She shot completely in film which I fell in LOVE with! Make sure to check out her FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

(Poncho:FreePeople, Boots:JeffreyCampbell, Jewelry:F21)



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